Is Pain Medication the Right Choice to Manage Your Condition

Is Pain Medication the Right Choice to Manage Your Condition

Life is tough, your body hurts and you have aches, pains, and you feel as though you cannot tolerate anymore suffering.  Your medical condition has caused you a lot of grief and you are pondering your choices to manage your pain.  Which way do you turn and what path is right for you?

Should I take medication for my pain, to properly manage my condition?

The benefits of taking pain medication are good but there can be several challenges ahead if your body and mind become used to pain medication. There are numerous problems with taking pain meds – they can quickly become habit-forming, upping dosages due to our bodies tolerance to the pain meds and the effectiveness gets greatly diminished (over time).  We also take them for every ailment (headaches, cramping, muscle soreness, PMS, and every little ache) along with them interacting with other drugs we consume.  We must be VERY careful when choosing this type of medical solution for the pain you are currently experiencing.

It is recommended to finish all dosages and do not stop taking your medications abruptly, as this can create a whole host of insane and unstable side effects.  Patients who do not wean themselves off pain medications can experience exasperated psychological issues.

Your pain can be excruciating, and you might not have any other options available.  If this is the case, use the pain medicine as directed and do not take more than necessary.

Some patients prefer to use pain medication as their solution because they can manipulate the dosages, PRN (as needed).  While it is our goal to use pain medication as a short-term solution, we understand you may need to use it for longer periods of time.

We are keenly aware that some patients need to be admitted into a treatment facility for medication addiction.  For this exact reason, we use pain medication as a last resort.

What are my options if I do not want pain medication?

There are several other, non – invasive choices you can choose for your physical suffering.  Making the right healthcare choice for your bothersome medical condition is very important.

At Novocur, a well-known pain management clinic, we offer: epidural steroid injections, occipital nerve block, joint injections, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulator implants, Botox injections (for migraines), kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty and facet injection to name a few.  Please visit our website for in-depth detailed specific alternatives

Novocur’s physicians are double board certified or eligible in pain management.  These certifications require a higher practice and environment standard, which translates to better and safer care for your loved ones. You can meet our providers here

We want you and your family to make an informed decision that will help you heal safely.  We are trained experts at Novocur and will kindly discuss in detail, all your pain management options.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please do so here

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