Multidiscipline Pain Treatment

Multidiscipline Pain Treatment


Often it is extremely beneficial for a patient to receive several different pain management therapies in order to provide the best possible results. This could mean combining physical therapy with medication, or chiropractic care with an interventional pain therapy. It can also include treatments like acupuncture to be used as a complimentary discipline alongside a more conventional treatment method.

This technique is designed to offer an effective holistic approach to solving a patient’s pain problem as quickly as possible. It offers the ability to trial a number of treatments at once, with the added benefit of inter-disciplinary communication between expert practitioners. In some cases, there is more than one explanation for a general complaint such as lower back pain, in which case an integrative approach can assist in diagnosing and treating effectively. In other cases, a pain patient may live with a more complex, chronic condition such as osteoarthritis which benefits from a few different therapies working in conjunction with each other.

We offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to pain management, with an emphasis on a number of different strategies and specialties performed by a multidisciplinary team.


Not only is this a clinically effective method of treatment, but is cost effective too. Patients who receive multidisciplinary care are far more likely to obtain an early diagnosis and the appropriate treatments as quickly as possible, resulting in a reduced risk of developing long term, chronic conditions, which essentially cost more to treat in the long run.

Furthermore, an integrated approach drastically reduces your likelihood of requiring opioid medication to manage pain. In a recent meta-analysis of 65 studies, 65% of patients who enrolled in an integrative care plan were using opioid medication upon referral, but only 20% of patients discharged from the plan were still using these opioids. The ability to manage pain without dependence on medication decreases your risk of developing a long term dependency to pain medication or experiencing medication side effects.


If you have been injured in a workplace incident, or have recently been in a car accident and are suffering from moderate to severe pain, then an integrative approach will increase your chances of making a full recovery and help get you back into your everyday routine.

In a meta-analysis of 65 studies evaluating the effectiveness of multidisciplinary care, it was shown that multidisciplinary care was vastly superior to singular treatments and provided a 50% increased likelihood of returning to work following the accident or injury.

While reduction in pain intensity is consistently reported, the other benefit of an integrated approach is better physical functioning and mobility, improved state of mind and better behavioural outcomes.


When you come to a consultation with one of our highly skilled practitioners, you will be thoroughly assessed before a treatment plan is formed. This treatment plan may include multiple treatments so that you can gain the full benefits of integrative care.