Suffering from a Pinched Nerve Root? Get Relief Fast!

Suffering from a Pinched Nerve Root? Get Relief Fast!

Surgery is never the first consideration when it comes to back problems. A course of painkillers and other non-invasive treatment is always the first option. Epidural steroid injections target the pain in a very precise way and often lead to the patient being able to work through the problem without surgery by taking part in physical therapy exercises. This would not have been possible for many without the use of very powerful and pin-point accuracy of the epidural injections.


Having a pinched nerve, especially in the lower back is extremely painful and almost all of us suffer from this at some point in our lives. If you are suffering from a stabbing pain in the lower back that also shoots down the leg, then, it could be sciatica. This is known as a pinched or, trapped nerve.


The condition itself can arise from other problems such as:


  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc


Lower back injuries are common. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to damage your back. Almost any kind of twisting movement can lead to a pinched nerve and a lot of pain. Older injuries can sometimes make themselves known when the muscles surrounding the damaged area suddenly weaken and no longer support the injured zone. Essentially, we have grown too tall and this puts a tremendous strain on the back. Even bending down to tie a shoelace or sneezing can cause an injury.


A course of epidural injections has at least given many people some relief from painful back conditions. Some people even avoid surgery. This is mostly because relief from pain enables them to start physical therapy and this can strengthen the surrounding muscles. Weak core muscles will certainly not help back health. Others have found comfort in pain management support while they waited for surgery.


The most effective dose seems to be three or four injections. If you are not getting relief after this, then, the treatment may not work for you and this is a possibility. Although highly effective for many, there are a few people who need different options.


How is the procedure done?


Fluoroscopy – is a live X-ray is used to help the medical practitioner to guide the injection into the correct place. The use of fluoroscopy has greatly increased the success of epidural injections, simply because it is so much more accurate. Before its use, epidural injections were delivered but with much less success.


Just for the pain relief alone, it is most definitely worth having a course of these injections and it really can help you to attend physical therapy where specially devised exercises can strengthen your body and increase flexibility.  Sometimes patients report that the pain management itself was enough for them to start the healing process. Your pain management center will have doctors who specialize in pain management options and, using epidural injections and they will talk you through the process and discuss if you are a suitable candidate for this form of pain relief.

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