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We offer comprehensive examinations and effective therapies to workers who need top medical care for injuries that occur on the job.


Workers Compensation is an Arizona program that guarantees compensation canstockphoto17688256 to you if you sustain an injury as a result of a workplace incident. This could include an accident involving heavy machinery, factory equipment, a slippery floor,  or an illness developed through exposure to chemicals.


Without Workers Compensation you may need to resort to litigation and would need to pay for medical expenses as well as make up for lost future earnings.


In America, most of the WC programs are run by the state, however there are also over a thousand commercial insurers offering the service. Most employers are required to have some form of compensation plan in place to protect their workers.


Workers Compensation benefits you by simplifying the process should you become injured at work. It is a mutually agreed-upon contract based on the premise that you will receive a set rate of compensation in exchange for giving up your right to go to court.


canstockphoto16391613The compensation you receive includes a percentage of earnings lost, medical expenses, predicted future loss of earnings, and extra training costs that may be required should you be forced to change career paths. In cases where the injury results in death, your family will also receive a payout for medical bills and loss of earnings.


Effective treatment at Novocur Pain Clinics for your work injury may include medication management, interventional procedures, spinal decompression therapy, physical therapy or chiropractic treatment. A combination of treatments may work best to get you back to work and pain free!


It is always advisable to seek legal advice prior to submitting a claim for Workers Compensation and to ensure that you’re familiar with the claim process prior to initiating it.


If you employer rejects the claim, then further litigation steps can be taken to have it independently examined by a court. Some employers may offer a settlement to avoid court action. Settlement offers can have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best that you speak to your legal counsel about any offer that is made.

canstockphoto15845573To support your claim, an independent medical exam may be required.

When you attend your examination, one of our trained physicians will assess your physical well being and write a report based on the findings. These findings will assist in determining the correct level of compensation owed to you.


In some circumstances you may be awarded a Temporary Partial Disability Benefit. This is a benefit payable to you if you are able to return to work but cannot complete your normal range of everyday tasks. If you suffer a permanent disability as a result of a workplace injury, you may receive a Permanent Partial Disability Benefit, which is a more generous package that compensates for lost future earnings.


If you would like to book an evaluation to achieve relief and support your Workers Compensation claim, call us now.